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Eisentragers gym is a friendly and social environment in which to get fit, run by Ian Eisentrager. The classes were established nine years ago and
have a core of friendly regulars who attend. Ian gained a degree in exercise science from the University of Lander, South Carolina. He was offered
a full soccer scholarship after the coach came to England and saw him play. He attended Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky, where he won the
National Championships twice. He also holds a professional boxing license after a successful amateur career and is a 'B' licensed football coach.
His workouts encompass all aspects of physical fitness and are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and athletic abilities. Ian has trained
a broad spectrum of clients from those just starting to get fit and lose weight right up to British, commonwealth and world champions in sprinting,
boxing and karate! Ian has also worked for the past seven years as a freelance sports and fitness coach for the University of Bristol, working with
their rowing, rugby, football and high performance squad.

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