Ian has built up an amazing fitness culture within Clevedon and the people who attend his classes not only do so to get fit and stay fit but to
meet with friend’s bourne through the regular sessions. The sessions work really well because there is a good mix of lads and gals, a varied
age range, and abilities that stretch from a first attender with ‘a bit of work to do’ through to some professional athletes who rely on Ian’s
classes as part of their strict training regime.

I have seen many new faces turn up one evening and very quickly Ian has welcomed them in and ensured that they are mentored very closely
through their first session to ensure they give as much as they can, and always leaving the class with a smile – and a bit out of breath. The
new faces come back and are then encouraged to improve their fitness level at their own pace – plus a bit more.

Ian has an impressive list of credentials, which are very apparent in his approach to his work; his classes are always professionally planned
and start with a good warm up. Some evenings the warm down is made to be a bit of fun too, it is a great icebreaker.

I had attended all other classes within Clevedon and some in Portishead, I stumbled upon Ian’s class around 8 years ago when I was too late
home to get to my regular class. I have never looked back because no other class has come close. This is a cost effective way to stay fit
because it is pay as you go, it is great if you work away and can’t turn up or invariably ‘life’ sometimes gets in the way.

"If you are serious about ‘being fit’ you need to come and see this man".
- Jules (juicesolar.co.uk)

have been training with Ian the last 5 years and he really has changed my life for the better. I originally was unhappy with my fitness level and my
body image, but since my personal training sessions I have developed both physical and mental toughness which has made my fitness level
increase dramatically. I am also now proud of the way my body has changed and it is with his help that I have been able to do this in the correct way,
by a healthy balanced diet and exercise. Every session is different, but there is always fun to be had. Ian will always try and adapt the training to
suit you, whether it be because you are injured, have an event coming up you need to train for or if you have a restricted schedule. Ian has made
me realise that exercise is fun rather than a chore and it has made me achieve goals I never thought I could. The key is to vary exercise and that
is something Ian has perfected, he will always find something to change things around. I thoroughly recommend Ian's personal training, I am still
a client after 5 years, just with different goals compared to what I had before."
- Isadora McCarthy

"The best fitness classes I've attended, certainly the only one I've stuck to for more than a few months.  I'm fitter now than I've been since before
I had children."
Karen Wood

"Personal training with Ian has been great, we have worked out a diet and fitness plan that is tailored to me and fits in with my lifestyle. Ian sets
small achievable goals to work towards inbetween sessions to maintain your fitness levels. I train mainly at my house as I have 2 small children
and am working towards my Bronze challenge award. Ian expects hard work but sessions are good fun and he is an excellent motivator. 3 weeks
in and I can see and feel the benefits already. I can't wait for my next session.!"
- Sarah Pritchard

"I have been training with Ian for the past 7 - 8 years - both at his Group Sessions & as a personal client.
During this time Ian has helped me achieve
goals that I would have never have thought possible when I first started training with him - from someone who could not do a press up at his first
class I can now hang on in there with the others.  As a non runner he has encouraged & trained me from my 1st the annual Clevedon Boxing
Day run - through to 20 mile off road races & this year I completed my 1st Duathlon.
I was also the first lady to complete all the ladies Club
Challenges & he has now set me a new one - the "Ultimate Payne"!!
Ian starts with small goals, so you feel like you are making progress, that lead
to the whatever your ultimate aim is – mine was a smaller size pair of jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian has a positive "can do" attitude that rubs off on his clients
& keeps his sessions interesting & varied - so becoming complacent is never an issue & mental & physical toughness becomes
a way of life."
- Stella Payne

I am a 49-year-old father of two, and took up karate alongside my
kids, a few years ago. To spar and compete with people up to 30 years
my junior, I have to maintain a high level of anaerobic fitness. I am also into distance running, and need to cross-train for whole-body
endurance. Eisey's sessions give me all that. He has a way of drawing out of you the maximum you can give, and having done that you find
that as the sessions go by you can give more. I have participated in and run circuit training sessions before, but these are the best I've
ever done. There is plenty of variation, and the atmosphere is friendly, light-hearted and supportive. I would strongly recommend
them to anyone, of any fitness level, training for any sport."
- Paul Green

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