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Bronze Challenge

#1 One minute and thirty seconds of the plank. Must have straight back. No ARSE in the air and no sagging backs please.

One minutes rest before next discipline

#2 Two minutes of Samson’s chair. Thighs must be parallel with the floor and at right angles with lower half of the leg.
No hands on wall and no hands on thighs.

One minutes rest before next discipline

# 3 Press ups. Men must do full press ups, ladies have the option of half press ups. 5 sets of 10 press ups. 30 seconds
break between each set.

One minutes rest before next discipline

#4 Burpees. 30 burpees in two minutes thirty seconds.

This is a variation of a true burpee. Participants must start in a standing position. They must then bend their knees
and perform a squat thrust, legs must be fully extended, return to squat and end in a standing position.

Participants must demonstrate that they have an understanding and are able to satisfactorily complete one press up,
one burpee, the plank, and Samson’s chair before they are permitted to attempt the challenge.

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